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L a C h a s s e (Trailer 1) from Gordon Napier on Vimeo.

Successfully crowd funded by our amazing supporters.


We are currently trying to raise the funds for production costs of our graduation film. Have a read of the information on this site, and if you like our ideas or are interested in our project and want to contribute to making it happen you can do so via Indiegogo here.  If you are a business you can find more information about how you can benefit from contributing by moving your mouse to Contribute and then clicking on our Business page where you can sponsor via PayPal, and if you are an individual person simply click on the Individual page to see what you can enjoy in return for a number of different contribution amounts.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to anyone who decides to contribute, no matter how big or how small. Sometimes you need more than just passion to make projects like this a reality and with your help we can achieve something captivating which exhibits the beauty of the rural Scottish Highlands.

T  h  e    S  t  o  r  y

The film is about a boy who, after learning of the death of his father whom he never knew, travels to the rural Scottish countryside to see where he lived and learn about him in the hope that it will bring him some kind of closure.  While there he discovers that his father is a far different man to the one his mother warned him about which sends him on a very emotional and lonely journey of self-discovery as he comes to terms with a whole range of conflicting emotions.   Confused and alone the boy begins to project his inner turmoil onto a lone, watchful stag which visits the cottage his father lived in.

T  h  e    L  o  c  a  t  i  o  n

The majority of our film will be shot on the stunning Conaglen Estate just outside Fort William in the Scottish Highlands. With breathtaking views of mountains and woodland, Conaglen Estate encapsulates the essence of the Highland landscape.

We are also working closely with the Scottish Deer Centre in Fife which is home to 14 species of deer from all around the world. Here we will capture some of the vital footage needed to tell our story.

T  h  e    E  q  u  i  p  m  e  n  t

AlexaWe are shooting this project on the industry leading Arri Alexa camera which has been used to shoot recent big budget blockbusters such as 007: Skyfall, Life of Pi, Gangster Squad and many more. We are priviliged to have access to such high quality equipment and have recruited a cinematographer who can use it to its full potential.

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